The DeadFucks

“Turning punk into the norm, with your standard patchwork uniform.

That’s just not the way it works, you fucked it up, you stupid jerks”

-Hip To Be Homeless

Formed in the Winter of 2001 as a reaction against the pop punk sounds that ruled that airwaves, The DeadFucks challenged (terrorized?!) audiences across the Maritimes for 7 years.  Armed with an endless supply of stage props, their shows became equally notorious for the off the wall stage antics as much as their easy-to-chant-along-to anthems.

Along the way they shared the stage with way better acts Alexisonfire, Fishbone, D.O.A., Wesley Willis and more.

Reuniting for the second time in three years are original members Scott Army (vocals), Alaxy Galaxy (guitar), Dan Cadera (bass) and are joined by Nadine on drums (Which Witch is Witch).

If any show is ACTUALLY going to meltdown at the Mud City Meltdown 2017, this is the one.  You wouldn’t want to miss that would you?!